About Our Repair Shop
Our repair shop in Clovis has been servicing the Central Valley for over a decade. The expert repair staff has over 20 years of repair experience behind them. Whether you have a woodwind, brass, drum, string or guitar…we can handle any basic service through most overhauls. Just contact our store and any staff member can assist you with whatever repair question you may have.
Repairs Staff
Kris Aoki
Repair Shop Manager/Technician

Kris began his life in music, by playing trumpet in the fourth grade. Since then he has participated in numerous high school and college ensembles and honor groups. Five years ago he began his apprenticeship in instrument repair at Fresno State. Now at GMC Clovis he can perform various repair services required by band instruments, along with field most questions regarding band instruments and accessories.

Conner Habib

Bio: Conner Habib, salesperson and repairman, started playing music at age 9. He became very passionate about unique and vintage instruments and by age 14 had a sizeable brass collection. This unique interest got him into brass repair, and by age 16 he was working out of a small shop in Easton, CA, mostly repairing horns in his collection and doing work for friends.Here at Gottschalk Music Center he has become a part of the repair shop and the sales team. He performs some of the more in depth repairs on brass, like full restoration overhauls and custom modifications, and is a big help as the unofficial "Band Man" on the sales floor.

Rick Stokes
Guitar Technician

Rick was introduced to music as a child through school music programs. He began playing guitar at 16 and drum set at 17. Rick has been performing in bands around the Central Valley since 1998 and continues to do so with Deriva. He was been working in music retail since 2000 and for Gottschalk Music Center since 2004. Rick can be found five days a week behind the counter of GMC in Merced helping musicians in the community or working on musical instruments.

Jeremy Bergmann
Guitar Technician

Bio: Jeremy started his musical journey at the age of 9 when he began playing piano. After 4 years of experience, he then switched to drums and has been playing them ever since. At 14 (1992), He began working at his parents store, Clovis Music Center. When he was 19, he went to guitar tech school and immediately fell in love with guitars. After working 15 years at Clovis Music, he began managing Gottschalk Music Center Clovis since 2007.