Shaun McDonald is a guitar player, composer, and performer from Merced, CA. with over 18 years of experience on the instrument. He has performed in a range of settings and styles, ranging from popular local bands (such as “Seamus the Dogs”), performing as a solo artist, as well as accompanying national touring artists such as Mic Gillette (of Tower of Power). Shaun has been a private guitar instructor since the year 2000, and has years of experience teaching in high school and junior colleges as well.

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Mike has been playing drums since 2003 and began teaching drums in 2012. He Instructs beginner to advanced lessons on snare drum, drum set and multiple percussion instruments. (xylophone, marimba, bongos, congas, etc.) With a background in concert band, marching band and playing in rock bands since age 14, he strives to always practice and refine his craft. "I've personally found that there is an abundance of guitarists with very little drummers. I'm going to make it easier on the next generation by evening that out and arm my students with all the knowledge they need to pursue a successful musical endeavor.


BJ Humpal has been teaching music to children and adults in Merced County including the Merced City School district, the Weaver School district and the Merced Union High School district. Instruction will include an enthusiastic and educational experience. BJ was raised in the Church surrounded by music. Their background includes being a band director at both public and private Schools, private lessons, marching drumline and Winter percussion, volunteer after-School, Church and non-profit organization programs as well as several professional performances. They have successfully taught students of all ages. In their experience, every age group learns differently and even students of the same age will differ from one another regarding learning curves on different aspects of the instrument and music. BJ likes to have students explore several styles and genres including those more difficult-to-master, while keeping in mind what works best for the individual at their current level of ability and experience.


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