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Adam is an experienced instructor of countless genres on the guitar, bass, and upright bass. He has successfully taught students of all ages. He has performed in venues around the world including the Netherlands' Graauw Rock music festival. Adam has experience in musical theater and has performed with several distinguished bands. He is also classically trained on the double bass and is fully proficient in bow technique in both German and French bowing style. His primary vision is to teach as efficiently as possible and motivate students to learn their instrument with passion. He is valued for his ability to teach music in an energetic, yet stress-free environment.
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Joe started performing in 1966 with the Merced Symphony at the age of 14 and continues to play with many bands and orchestras. Joe started teaching full time in 1978. He has experience in numerous music styles including but not limited to: latin, funk, fusion, country, jazz, and classical. Teaching and performing has been his sole occupation for over 31 years. His students are well known as performers and music teachers with some in Europe and Hawaii.


Roddy has been a private music teacher for 27 years and taught music and theater classes in Merced county schools for 15 years. He personally plays 18 musical instruments, of which he teaches the following: Piano, Keyboard, Saxophone, Clarinet, and Flute - beginning through advanced, Trumpet, Baritone, Trombone and Tuba--beginning through intermediate. He also teaches music theory, improvisation and composition. Roddy has had much experience as a performing musician, composer and arranger in various musical styles and tailors the to conform with the specific musical goals of each student.
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Shaun McDonald is a guitar player, composer, and performer from Merced, CA. with over 18 years of experience on the instrument. He has performed in a range of settings and styles, ranging from popular local bands (such as “Seamus the Dogs”), performing as a solo artist, as well as accompanying national touring artists such as Mic Gillette (of Tower of Power). Shaun has been a private guitar instructor since the year 2000, and has years of experience teaching in high school and junior colleges as well.
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Mike has been playing drums for over ten years with a teaching experience of two years. He Instructs beginner to advanced lessons on snare drum, drum set and multiple percussion instruments. (xylophone, marimba, bongos, congas, etc.) With a background in concert band, marching band and playing in rock bands since age 14, he strives to always practice and refine his craft. "I've personally found that there is an abundance of guitarists with very little drummers. I'm going to make it easier on the next generation by evening that out and arm my students with all the knowledge they need to pursue a successful musical endeavor.
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Jennifer has enjoyed playing violin for over 6 years and likes helping both children and adults who are beginners. Her experience as a former elementary teacher in the public schools and also as a home educator has shaped her understanding that every student is unique, and that lessons should fit the interests, learning style and pace of each individual. A relaxed and friendly approach encourages students to challenge themselves as they learn to read and play music from a variety of styles and gain confidence in the techniques necessary to produce a beautiful sound. Jennifer is a student of Joe Onzo, and works together with him while continuing her own music studies at the studio and Merced College.
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