Fender - The Arch - Guitar Maintenance Workstation


Making repairs or modifications to a guitar in the field can be challenging without the right equipment. The arch workstation is a convenient solution that makes it easy to bring all your essential tools everywhere you go. This kit features the ultra-stable the arch neck rest, which is made of nitro-safe TPE rubber and includes non-slip feet to prevent shifting. You also get a TPE rubber base that can be used as a rest for the body of your guitar or to hold loose parts during repairs, along with a faux leather pouch with enough room to hold repair tools such as files, string cutter, string winders, extra strings and adjustment Wrenches. Portable and practical, the arch workstation is the ideal mobile maintenance station.
  • Patented design offers the convenience and portability to work on your Guitar anywhere
  • Arch neck rest made of tpe rubber safe for Nitro finishes; non-slip tpe rubber feet
  • TPE rubber base doubles as a Guitar Body rest or to hold loose parts
  • Faux Leather pouch can hold your Essential tools

Model: 0990527000
Manufacturer: Fender
Fender - The Arch - Guitar Maintenance Workstation
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