Remo - 10" Lollipop Drum

Remo - 10" Lollipop Drum


This oversized lollipop is a hand-held drum that's perfect for impromptu parades and concerts. A rubber-tipped 6-1/2-inch handle offers well-balanced support for this 10-inch-diameter round drum, which features a rainbow-swirled lollipop design edged in red nylon webbing. Children love to experiment with rhythm and sound by banging on anything in sight. This drum provides a safe, fun outlet for all that creative energy. Whether tapped with fingers, palms, or the included mallet, the mellow, bongo-type tone is satisfying to kids and easy on adult ears. Finally, a lollipop that won't rot your teeth! --Tami Horiuchi

Model: ET711000
Manufacturer: Remo
Remo - 10" Lollipop Drum
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