Yamaha - YFL-674HCT Professional Silver Flute


C# Trill Key - Simplified hand movements for more versatility and improved intonation Undercut embouchure hole - Sensitive response and accurate articulation White gold springs - Light touch and optimum response Tapered pivot screws - Accurate adjustment and smooth action Low B gizmo key - Easy and accurate fingering to facilitate high C Exclusive "type-4" body design - These flutes were designed to maintain a focused tone core in every range, at any dynamic and in any hall. They feature an entirely new scale for accurate intonation in all registers and an innovative tone hole design to provide precisely the right amount of air resistance for excellent tone color flexibility. Solid silver EC cut headjoint - Characterized by a direct, straightforward sound, the EC headjoint cut has become a favorite of professional players worldwide

Model: YFL674HCT
Manufacturer: Yamaha
Yamaha - YFL-674HCT Professional Silver Flute
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