Peavey - 6505 Piranha 20 Watt Mini Head


A single 12AX7 tube complements the gain structure of Peavey's 6505 Piranha micro guitar amplifier head. This little guy sounds increasingly amazing and familiar on larger cabinets with more premium drivers, such as the 112-6, 212-6, and the legendary 6505 412 cabs. The minimalist controls and extremely robust construction make this a must-have tool for live and recording use. Use the headphone jack & aux input for practice, connect the effects send to the input of a larger amp to use it as a "6505 preamp driver", great for quick and easy "re-amping", and any number of applications that you can dream up.

Model: 03615310
Manufacturer: Peavey
Peavey - 6505 Piranha 20 Watt Mini Head
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