Taylor - Big Baby Taylor-E


At a perfect 15/16-scale, the Taylor Big Baby Taylor-e is the size you'd expect a Dreadnought guitar made by IKEA to be. Nonetheless, there's something special about the Taylor Big Baby Taylor-e that makes just about everyone who plays one for a while fall madly in love with this scaled-down guitar. And, while it certainly is a great guitar for beginners and people who themselves are on a slightly smaller scale, the thing most people really love about the Big Baby Taylor-e is fairly conventional: the Taylor Big Baby Taylor-e has to be one of the most comfortable acoustic guitars kick back on the couch and play. It's got a bold and full voice, plus a solid Sitka spruce top that gives this Big Baby serious punch for its size. And, though the Taylor Big Baby Taylor-e is perfect for guitarists with smaller hands/younger players, it's also excellent if you're just looking for a different kind of tone. And when you need to plug in, the Big Baby Taylor-e has Taylor's new Expression System Baby pickup built in. It uses the under-saddle pickup of the ES2 system coupled with a preamp that sports a chromatic tuner. Whatever your reason for picking up a Taylor Big Baby Taylor-e acoustic-electric guitar, you're really in for a treat!

Model: BBTE
Manufacturer: Taylor
Taylor - Big Baby Taylor-E
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