M-Audio - Axiom AIR 49 49-Key USB MIDI Keyboard Controller with Pro Tools Express and Ignite by AIR


Premium Keyboard Controller The Axiom® AIR 49 from M-Audio has it all. This remarkable keyboard controller combines unprecedented control, unmatched ease-of-use, and empowering software to form the ultimate centerpiece for your studio. Keys, pads, and wheels capture every aspect of expressive performance. A wealth of hardware controllers offers extensive interaction with your software, and there are 128 locations for storing your custom settings. The Axiom AIR 49 can also map these controllers to popular DAW software titles automatically, using M-Audio's exclusive HyperControl. A single USB cable provides both power and MIDI link to your computer. The Axiom AIR 49 is also equipped with hardware MIDI in and out jacks-plus a 9 Volt power input-for use in an expanded setup or a stand-alone system. Endless Expression Axiom AIR 49 is a performance powerhouse, able to capture your excitement and deliver it with expression. The synth-action keys are swift and responsive, reacting to both initial velocity and aftertouch. Octave/Transpose buttons provide access to the entire note range, in any key. Each of the twelve illuminated pads can respond to velocity and pressure-ideal for laying down beats, firing off samples, tweaking parameters, and so much more. Both the pads and keys feature a variety of velocity curves, useful for matching their response to your playing style. The pitch bend wheel and assignable modulation wheel are instantly available to add expression to your performance. The Axiom AIR 49 is also equipped with both sustain and expression pedal inputs. Each pedal can be freely re-assigned to additional functions. Complete Control The Axiom AIR 49 offers staggering amounts of control: 8 LED-lit rotary encoder knobs; 9 LED-lit buttons; plus 9 faders-each with a smooth 70mm throw. Color-coded illumination, an informative and highly visible LCD screen, and even the handy Identify button allow you to keep track of your custom settings with ease. And while creating your own settings is simple, the Axiom AIR 49 can automatically map the front-panel controls to popular DAW software programs using M-Audio's exclusive HyperControl. Each group of controllers-pads, knobs, sliders & buttons-can quickly toggle between three banks of MIDI assignments (indicated by color), or the HyperControl settings. Transport controls and software navigation buttons provide further integration with your software studio. Software Synergy Axiom AIR 49 comes complete with both Avid® Pro Tools® Express and Ignite by AIR. These two software programs can work alone-or together-to help you realize your musical dreams. Capture and arrange your ideas using Ignite, then use those tracks as the foundation for your professional production with Pro Tools Express.

Model: 633193
Manufacturer: M-Audio
M-Audio - Axiom AIR 49 49-Key USB MIDI Keyboard Controller with Pro Tools Express and Ignite by AIR
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