M-Audio - Code 61 61-Key USB MIDI Keyboard Controller with X/Y Touch Pad


M-Audio presents its Code Series keyboard controllers, a family of three full-featured models, combining all of the production power and performance you need to get the most from your music software and MIDI gear. The Code Series offers several thoughtful design touches that enable you to create and perform your best. A keyboard should not be an obstacle standing in the way of creativity. Instead, it should function as a direct extension of your thoughts ensuring that you convey musical ideas with immediacy, precision and clarity. Code controllers are equipped with everything you need to produce some serious musical creations. Extensive assignable parameter control is a breeze with multiple banks of faders, knobs, buttons, pads, and a smooth feeling pitch bend and modulation wheel on top. New to the line of M-Audio controllers is the X/Y Touchpad, which provides additional and direct interaction with effects and instrument plugin parameters across an X/Y axis. In addition, you can split the keyboards into four assignable zones to maximize the flexibility and functionality of your setup. For instance, trigger four different instruments in their own separate zone, or overlap zones and trigger two instruments at the same time.

Model: 147314
Manufacturer: M-Audio
M-Audio - Code 61 61-Key USB MIDI Keyboard Controller with X/Y Touch Pad
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Price: $399.00
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