Fender - Acoustic SFX Guitar Amplifier


Since 1946 Fender has been designing, manufacturing and evolving instrument amplifiers that have in part shaped all modern music. The Fender Acoustic SFX will no doubt be another contribution towards Fender's ongoing passion to not only be able to meet the needs of musicians worldwide but to inspire them to continue to create music that enrich our lives. The Acoustic SFX amp was designed to enhance and project acoustic instruments with pickups integrated into them as well as the human voice via a microphone. The Fender Acoustic SFX achieves this through the two universal channels designed for use with guitars or microphones, each with its own 1/4 "-XLR combo jack and spectacular studio-quality effects. The stunning, multi-dimensional Stereo Field Expansion technology (SFX) goes beyond stereo for room-filling tonal imagery that envelops the listener in a rich acoustic experience. The amp imparts exciting, dynamic life to the onboard hall reverb, echo, delay and Vibratone effects-literally moving them around the listening area for amazingly deep tone. The integrated handle that extends almost the entire width of the amp doubles as convenient cradle for mobile playback devices-perfect for adding accompaniment to your performance via the 1/8th inch Aux In input jack. Other performance-friendly features include feedback-reducing phase switches, XLR line output with level control and ground lift, fitted cover and a footswitch jack for the optional two button effect bypass footswitch. These rich smooth tones are encompassed in an elegant rounded wooden cabinet weighing only 25 pounds! When your songs deserve to be heard in style, find yourself conveniently carrying the Fender Acoustic SFX to your stage, studio, coffee shop or house of worship.

Model: 2271200000
Manufacturer: Fender
Fender - Acoustic SFX Guitar Amplifier
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