The Yamaha Philosophy consists of the Corporate Slogan, which is a more concise statement of Yamaha's Corporate Philosophy, the Corporate Philosophy, which defines the reason for our existence as a company and the goals that we seek to achieve through our work and corporate management, and the "Way" which explain the mindset that all employees of the Yamaha Group should adopt, and the manner in which they should act on a daily basis. We utilize the Yamaha Philosophy as a foundation to draw from, and try to think from the customer's viewpoint as we build on unique expertise and sensibilities, as well as the reputation for unparalleled reliability gained during our long history. Our goal in doing so is to consistently provide high quality products and services that exceed the expectations of our customers, and to create excitement and cultural inspiration together with people around the world.
Yamaha - Solid Engelmann Spruce Top Classical Acoustic Guitar
Regular Price: $433.00
Our Price $279.99
Yamaha - YDP143R Arius Series Console Digital Piano with Bench
Regular Price: $1,499.00
Our Price $1,100.00
Yamaha - YFL361H Intermediate Flute, B Foot, Offset G
Regular Price: $1,896.00
Our Price $1,385.99
Yamaha - YFL-461H Intermediate Flute Offset G, B Foot
Regular Price: $2,939.00
Our Price $2,053.99
Yamaha YAS82ZII - Custom Z Alto Sax
Regular Price: $5,911.00
Our Price $4,204.99
Yamaha - YFL362H Intermediate Flute, Offset-G, and B Foot, Gizmo key
Regular Price: $1,896.00
Our Price $1,385.99
Yamaha - YFL-462H Intermediate Flute
Regular Price: $3,027.00
Our Price $2,116.99
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